Complimentary Cost Analysis for Your 401(k) Plan
Alothough it's only part of the equation to ensure you have the best plan for you and your employees, it's an important one. When is the last time you benchmarked your 401(k) plan fees?
Cost, Investment Selection, Service, and Fiduciary Liability are all important factors when determining if you have the right 401(k) plan for you, your business, and your employees. I can provide you a complimentary cost analysis that compares your plan fees with similar size plans in the area and your industry. If we find you are overpaying, I may be able to help you negotiate lower fees with your current provider, or find a plan from one of the many providers we work with. The best part is that we dont have to schedule a meeting, all I need is an easy to find plan document and I can have the report to you in 48 hours.

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